MarkoStout.Com: Where You Can Find The Real Art

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Do you know Marko Stout? He is a biologist, surgeon, and physician from new york. He is also an incredible artist. His art inspiration is based on human anatomy. He has great taste of art, you can feel “it” when you visit his website MarkoStout.Com

Above is one example of his art. As you can see, this painting is based on human anatomy, head. You also can feel great combination of the color on this painting. I really love the blue combines with the yellow one, it makes a great orange. And the detail is very good too. I really love it. What about you? you like this panting?

You can see many panting in his website. And most of each painting is based on human anatomy and yeah of course, most of them are really incredible.

His arts are brilliant. You will never able to see art like this except you visit his site.

Marko Stout now lives in Manhattan, He is a holder of doctorate in metaphysics. And He has medicine and biology degrees. In 2006 He retired from medical practice to peruse a life of physiological and metaphysical study.

You can visit his website to get many inspiration about art. There you can find his art gallery which you can find up to 20 paintings there.


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Hamster, Hewan Lucu Yang Diminati

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Hamster, siapa kira kira yang membenci hamster? Saya rasa kebanyakan orang menyukai hamster. Hewan lucu satu ini memang satu keluarga dengan tikus. Walau begitu, Hamster masih lebih lucu, kan?

Hamster banyak dipelihara oleh orang Indonesia, terbukti dengan banyaknnya bertanyaan yang ditanyakan pada postingan saya yang pertama tentang: tips merawat hamster.

Hamster banyak di jual di toko hewan maupun pasar hewan. Hanya saja, di toko hewan atau pet shop, harga hamster lebih mahal tapi lebih sehat dan lebih bagus. Jika di pasar hewan, harga hamster sangatlah murah sekali namun kehigienisan sang hamster belum tentu terjaga.

Hamster bisa dibawa kemana saja dengan kandang kecil yang dijual banyak di toko hewan. Anda bisa mencarinya di toko hewan terdekat.

Gold Coins – Best Investment For Future

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The Best Nap Mat and BackPack for Kids

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My Favorite Halloween Costumes

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When Halloween comes… I will buy many costumes at There’s so many Halloween Costumes that you will find there.

I love this Egyptian Costume in “Halloween Costumes for Kids” section. This Egyptian Costume is really cool and Gothic. I love it… ^^V Very dark and black. It will make your Halloween better. Beside that, I love this CAPON CUTTHROAT COSTUME. Very gentle and very cool for me.

If you need suggestion or more info how to choose the best costumes for Halloween you can visit Halloween Costumes Blog. There, you will find many things about Halloween Costumes. And I swear, you will be like it very much. ^_^V