MarkoStout.Com: Where You Can Find The Real Art

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Do you know Marko Stout? He is a biologist, surgeon, and physician from new york. He is also an incredible artist. His art inspiration is based on human anatomy. He has great taste of art, you can feel “it” when you visit his website MarkoStout.Com

Above is one example of his art. As you can see, this painting is based on human anatomy, head. You also can feel great combination of the color on this painting. I really love the blue combines with the yellow one, it makes a great orange. And the detail is very good too. I really love it. What about you? you like this panting?

You can see many panting in his website. And most of each painting is based on human anatomy and yeah of course, most of them are really incredible.

His arts are brilliant. You will never able to see art like this except you visit his site.

Marko Stout now lives in Manhattan, He is a holder of doctorate in metaphysics. And He has medicine and biology degrees. In 2006 He retired from medical practice to peruse a life of physiological and metaphysical study.

You can visit his website to get many inspiration about art. There you can find his art gallery which you can find up to 20 paintings there.


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